New Customer Suggestions and Guidelines

Welcome New Customers!

Thank you for purchasing or evaluating Nitro-LM! We know that you will enjoy the tool and we look forward to your continued growth and success with Nitro-LM as a component of your business model.

Below is some of the BEST ADVICE that we can give new customers relative to Nitro-LM. These are simple suggestions that if you follow the advice and recommended sequence, you will be able to implement it very quickly and grow into Nitro-LM's capabilities very easily.

If you are a small to medium sized development shop, we recommend that you go through the Nitro-LM PayPal Guide first.  This is a pay-as-you-go-model percentage based way of paying for Nitro-LM that provides an easy and cash-flow friendly entry point to using Nitro-LM.  If you're more of an Enterprise-level business and will be wanting to purchase licenses in blocks or have a very unique licensing scenario you need to support, read on.


Nitro-LM is extremely feature rich, and it provides some advanced capabilities which you may have been attracted to Nitro-LM to use. The higher level functionalities within Nitro-LM (e.g. variables and advanced license types) are pretty amazing if you need or want to tap into them, BUT it is very important that you learn to CRAWL before you WALK, and WALK before you RUN.

The following is the recommended development sequence for new customers.

The First Step(s) - Create Test Product, Customer and Application
  1. Register and Confirm your Account with Nitro-LM. Step-by-Step Guide
  2. Administrative Tasks (Nitro-LM Admin Interface)
    1. Familiarize yourself with the interface. Step-by-Step Guide
    2. Create a Software Product. Step-by-Step Guide
    3. Create a Test Customer. Step-by-Step Guide
  3. Coding Tasks
    1. Download the Nitro-LM Client specific to your language (talk to sales about this)
    2. Read the Users Manual or Documentation associated with the Language distribution
      1. If a demo application is delivered with the Nitro-LM Client, review the code samples
    3. Create a 'Test Application' that uses your Test Product Code (generated in Admin Interface)
    4. Attempt to get a (floating) Product License using your own Nitro-LM Account, for the Test Product within the Test Company you have created in the Nitro-LM Admin Interface.
    5. Interpret any error codes that are returned from the Nitro-LM Client or Servers, adjust as required
  4. Confirm License Was Obtained
    1. Login to the Nitro-LM Admin Interface
    2. Go to the Test Customer and look at the Test Pool Content
    3. If you successfully obtained the license you will see your active license in this screen, or in the Current or Usage History Screens. You would have also have received a proper license notification response code from the Nitro-LM client in your application confirming this.
  5. Release the License back to the Server
    1. After you have validated that you have a license, try to release it back to the server.

This concludes the basics of setup, integration, testing and validation of your ability to communicate with the Nitro-LM Services.


We recommend using checkout licenses during testing with a period of 1 day. This way, if you mess up and lock a license to your machine that can't be released, it will be freed up the next day automatically. Alternatively, use FLOATING licenses during testing, but make sure to release them back to the server from your test code as well.

The Second Step - Manually Register and Test other Users

After you have confirmed that you have been able to properly setup a test customer and product, the next step would be to have other users try to do the same with this test application.

To do this, they will need to MANUALLY Register with the Nitro-LM servers (You can register new users manually through the Admin tool). After they have registered, and confirmed their existence with Nitro-LM, you should give them your test application and have them try to gain a license from the server and release it. This simple step will help you understand how a new user will interact with your very basic login an release process - which is sometimes very valuable input that would be hard to get otherwise.

The Third Step - Add User Registration Dialog/Processes

After you are comfortable with the Manual Registration process and the basics of getting and releasing Licenses, now you should start to formally code your own login and user registration processes.

User and Registration Dialogs are very simple to create, and the calls are simple to make to the Nitro-LM Servers from the Nitro-LM Client Interfaces. However, there are minimum information requirements that you must confirm and qualify before submitting the registration request to the Nitro-LM Servers.

REQUIRE Double Entry of E-Mail Addresses!

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you REQUIRE End Users Enter in their e-mail Address TWICE in order to register with Nitro-LM. This benefits you in that you will have LESS SUPPORT Calls from customers who do not enter their email address properly and then call you to get help registering.

Requiring End Users to enter their e-mail address into your registration screen two (2) times, and then performing a client-side validation of the e-mail address values being not just valid e-mail addresses but also the same value, will dramatically streamline your customer satisfaction and help to keep your administrative processes to a minimum.

It might also be a good idea to, if possible, disable copy/paste into the two e-mail entry fields so that users cannot simply copy from the first field and paste into the second (which would remove the benefit of having two fields).

If you have the ability to validate additional input fields before sending to Nitro-LM such as phone numbers or zip codes, you should.

The Fourth Step - Continue Your Integration

By this point, most customers have achieved their main goals for licensing. It is at this point that you should refer to the functionality within the Nitro-LM Client interface to better understand the capabilities in relation to your software licensing goals and structure a development and testing process around those goals and explorations.

Thanks again!

We want to thank you again for your interest and support of Nitro-LM - ENJOY!

The Development Team
Simplified Logic, Inc. - USA