Creating a Customer


All customers of your software are created in Nitro-LM beneath the top-level customer (you). There is no limit as to the hierarchy of customers you're allowed to create. If you wanted to create sub-customers for each department in a large corporation that fits nicely into the Nitro-LM solution for managing customers and license pools.

  1. To create a new customer, navigate down the menus to where the new customer should be created and click the Add  button.

  2. Enter the information required for creating a new customer's company record.

  3. The new customer you created should appear on the menu.

  4. Navigate down to this new customer's license pools to create a new pool for them. A Pool in Nitro-LM defines what software a customer is allowed to use, what quantities, over what time period, and which users have access to it.

  5. Enter a name for this pool and force it to be active. You can also configure Usage and Access restrictions here. See a similar example here (Steps 7,8).

  6. Navigate down to make sure your new and active pool has been created. Your pool still has 0 licenses because none have been moved into it yet.

  7. At the Licensee menu level, click on Manage Licenses. This will allow us to move licenses from our master test and development pool down to our customer's pool.

  8. Drag and Drop the customer to modify onto the canvas area.

  9. Use CTRL+Drag to move licenses from your pool to the customer's pool. You'll be prompted for a number to move and a comment describing the license move.

  10. Licenses will be in a pending change state until they are applied. This feature allows you to do multiple license moves at once between any number of companies. To edit multiple companies at once, you'd simply drop them all onto the canvas. To save everything to the server, apply all of your transactions.