Creating a Software Product


  1. Open My Software and Click the Add button.

  2. Give your Software Product a name, set default values, and give it a min and current version number. Click Create Product.

  3. Click Add Key, choose License Key and set an expiry date. Save the key, close the Create Key window, select the new key, and Download it to your workstation. The License key is used to secure the communication between your application and Nitro-LM.

  4. Your Software Product should now appear on the menu. If you ever need to extend a key's expiration date, or edit the product, simply click this menu item. The system will not let you change a product code after this as it would stop existing deployments from working.

  5. Now that your product and keys have been created, you need to assign that product to a license pool for use. Navigate down to the license pool for the top-level customer and click on it. This is the default place for any licenses you've purchased to reside.

  6. Drag/Drop your Software Product from the top orange box down to the bottom orange box. Your software product is now assigned for use in this license pool.

  7. It's a good idea to modify usage restrictions so only X number of licenses of a given product can be used at a time. On this screen, you can do a number of advanced things such as bundling software. For now, just set some standard values for a single product.

  8. On the Access Restrictions tab, make sure you set some restrictions for the top-level customer pool. In most cases, this should be restricted to your own company and only those people who need to develop or test this software. Leaving this blank allows anyone with a Nitro-LM user id to get a license from your pool. It's a good idea to add some restrictions here.