Nitro-LM PayPal Guide


Nitro-LM PayPal integration allows you to easily sell your products through your website and be paid using your PayPal account. Licenses are purchased and allocated to your customers based on a percentage of your selling price.  An email is sent to your customers with their account information and their license key (corporate id).

Current Rates

These rates are the current default rates. If you have high volumes or special needs, please contact

License Duration Nitro-LM Rates
6-month license (183 days) 10%
1-year license (365 days) 10%
2-year license (730 days) 15%
5-year license (1825 days) 25%
10-year license (3650 days) 30%

In this document, we'll walk through setting up a PayPal developer account along with a Nitro-LM Licensee account so you can start issueing test licenses. Any license created by a test payment transaction in the PayPal sandbox will be purged from our system after 30 days even though your license end dates will reflect what the test transaction actually requested. This allows you to fully test your licensing and payment system.

Process Flow