Nitro-LM Setup

In this step of the guide, you'll learn how to setup Nitro-LM to use your PayPal Sandbox account information to create test licenses in Nitro-LM.

1.)  Navigate to and follow the instructions to install the Nitro-LM Administration Interface (NitroAdmin)

2.)  In NitroAdmin, register for an account.

3.)  Create a new Software Product in NitroAdmin

4.)  Add a license key with a long end-date and download it for including in your software later.  This will be used to secure the communication between your software product and the Nitro-LM servers.

5.)  On the PayPal Tab, enter and save your sandbox information.  In production mode, NitroLM will be initiating the paypal transaction, so you use the API information for the nitrolm sandbox account here.

6.)  Enter 1 or more Price Configurations.  In this example, we'll be selling 1-year licenses with price breaks if they purchase 5 or 10 licenses at a time.  At this time, enter the seller's sandbox email account for each price configuration.

7.)  In your web browser, navigate to replacing your own buyer account and product code.  The &sbx=1 is important to let the system know that you are going to be running a test sandbox transaction.  The lmemail parameter is important because the buyer's nitrolm registered email may be different from their paypal email they end up purchasing with.  This parameter allows us to link the two email accounts.

Note:  You can view-source on this page to include a similar form on your own website to customize the look/feel.  As long as your form POSTs the same parameters to your transaction will work.

8.)  Click one of the Pay Now buttons and go through the payment process as a buyer.

9.)  Look in the paypal developer sandbox website at the various transaction emails.  Also check NitroAdmin's Manage Licenses screen to ensure that the licenses were created and assigned to a new customer successfully.

Note:  Even though the licenses will say they are valid for a year, Nitro-LM will purge these licenses out of the system after 30 days because they were created through the PayPal Sandbox.

10.)  NitroLM sends out an invoice email to the customer with information about their license key (corporate id) and purchase information.  These emails will likely bounce since the paypal sandbox buyer email isn't a truly valid email address.  The default email sent looks something like the following.

11.)  You may want to customize this email that gets sent to your customers after they purchase.  To customize the invoice, in NitroAdmin, go to Email Templates and edit the template for Software Purchase Invoice.  If you want these invoices to appear to come from you instead of Nitro-LM, you can optionally configure your Email server.