1.)  Follow the Language-specific instruction for integrating the Nitro-LM client libraries into your application.  The client libraries and example applications are available from http://download.nitrolm.com/.

2.)  Test demo licenses and any other Nitro-LM features you've integrated into your application.  When a demo license has expired, it's a good practice to launch a website where the user can purchase your application.  This can be either your website, or our paypal.html link with the &sbx=1 removed.  By integrating a demo license process into your application, you'll already have their lmemail to send along to the paypal.html url as a parameter.

3.)  Once you're comfortable that the system is working well with the PayPal Sandbox environment, update your URLs to remove the &sbx=1 parameter and modify your Price Configurations to set your actual PayPal seller email address.

4.)  Deploy your application, market it well, then sit back, relax... profit.