Events that you, or your staff/relationships, want to be automatically notified about are called Notifications. Notifications are simple e-mails that are trigged based on either intentional or passive behaviors by your prospective users/customers or existing end-users/customers.

Notifications can be applied at the Licensee Level (the software developer), or at a Customer Level. There is a hierarchy to this process. So if you have a Reseller that is the main point of contact for a Customer account, you can include them as a Notification within the Customer's Notifications and they will only be notified about that Customers events which they are flagged for. Assigning Notifications at the Licensee Level will monitor ALL child Customer events and inform Licensee Level Users (usually only individuals within your company) of ANY event they want to be flagged for at the Licensee level and below (customers/sub-customers).

Notifications are designed to keep your company informed about key events that may result in a financial opportunity for your organization while minimizing the cost associated with maintaining contact with prospective of existing customers regarding your products. For example: You may want to notify Sales representatives of any DEMO Requests, DEMO Renewals, No More License events for a customer. Notifications are designed to provide real-time information and detail to the right people at the right time.

Below is what the Notifications dialog looks like when you are adding or editing a Notification.

Responsible Party (Special Notification Type)

A Responsible Party is a special notification type within the Nitro-LM environment. Responsible Parties are individuals (can be more than one) that have approval capabilities within the system. Responsible Parties automatically get system level change notifications (e.g. license pool creations, adjustments in pool size, etc.) and also approval links for critical activations in the environment (e.g. customer pool activations and confirmation requests).

Responsible Parties should be used sparingly within your company, it is recommended that you only have 1 or 2 individuals as a Responsible Party.

Your Customer Accounts can also have Responsible Party Notifications, these are typically for individuals at a customer that you want to keep informed regarding key admin license events specific to their Account.