Product Definition

Your software Application needs to be defined as a Product within Nitro-LM so that it can be licensed. Nitro-LM's Client APIs require a Product Code for communication with the server in order to perform license transactions. The product code along with a license(product) key allows your application to securely communicate with the Nitro-LM servers.

There are additional language-specific requirements based on the capabilities you want to use. For example, for languages like Java and Adobe Flex, Encryption is often going to be a common feature that a Licensee will want to take advantage of. These languages require BOTH the License and Encryption Keys to be downloaded and used to perform the encryption and wrapping of application code for protection and licensing purposes.

Below is an overview of the Product Definition Screen

Product Name

This is a generic description for the product. It is for visual reference and filtering in the Nitro-LM environment and for associations to Customers.

Product Code

This is the actual code you will use with the Nitro-LM client interface to transact licenses with the license server. While you can enter your own code, it is highly recommend that you use a generated code instead. This code will never change over the life of your product.

Min Version / Current Version

The Minimum Version is the minimum version of the software that you want to permit to be licensed. You need to pass the software version along with any API calls to the server for this version checking to be performed.

The Current Version is the most current version of the software you are licensing.

Minimum Version

As your software evolves over multiple versions, you can use the Minimum Version to prevent OLDER software from obtaining a license. Why is this important? Because most companies do not want to support software beyond 1-2 versions older than the most current version. Setting the Minimum Version automatically prevents older versions of software from working - forcing users to upgrade.

License Keys

The License Key(s) are used as a component for licensing communication and validation processes with the Nitro-LM servers. Each language has specific requirements and guidelines for the inclusion of the License Keys, please refer to language specific documentation for implementation and usage guidelines.

Encryption Keys

Encryption Keys are used by some languages (e.g. Java and Adobe Flex/AIR) to encrypt the application code and only allow it to be decrypted and run after a valid license is obtained from the Nitro-LM license servers. This is language specific functionality, please review the interfaces specific to the use of this functionality for additional guidance. Adobe Flex/AIR best practice is to no longer use product encryption keys. Instead use Library keys to encrypt portions of your modular (mx:Module) application.

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