Send Messages

One of the most important things Nitro-LM can do for your business is help you keep in touch with Customers and End Users of your Software Products. This is typically done when you want to send your users important information about new software versions, bugs that they should be aware of, or marketing opportunities for special pricing.

The Send Messages Interface in Nitro-LM was designed to make this process simple and straight-forward. With this you can query and build up lists of End Users, perform logical operations between the lists to ultimately result in a final list of End Users you want to send a message to.

Sending messages can be done via e-mail or via the messaging services within the Nitro-LM Client Interface.

Messages that are sent via e-mail ARE recorded as being sent, but are NOT tracked as to wether it was actually delivered.

Messages that are sent via the Nitro-LM Client Interface ARE tracked in Nitro-LM for your records, specifically who it was sent to, when, and whether they have opened the message and reviewed it.

Below is an overview of the Send Interface:

Query Construction

You can use the Query Area at the top to construct the list of who you want to send a Message to.

To do this, you must construct a final list of people that you want to send a message to. You have many sources from which to query, filter or construct your final list.

The first thing to do it select a source for the list you want to construct. This could be a single user, all users relative to a domain, product, etc. You can also filter this using the context sensitive filter in the interface.

The next thing you must do is select a target for your query results to be placed. If you are just sending an e-mail out to all users of a product, you could select the final List Box on the right of the interface as your target (which is the default when you first enter the screen) and skip the smaller list boxes to the left of the interface.

When you press the "Replace Target" button, the query will be run on the Nitro-LM server, the results of which will be placed in the selected List Box target.

If the people you want to send a Message to are the result of several products or the combination of multiple domain filters, etc. you can select one of the List Boxes to the Left as your target, and have the query results be placed there accordingly. You can select the other List Box on the Left for the next query results set and replace target for that data. After you have the two List Boxes on the Left with content, you can perform boolean operations between them to produce a result in the List Box to the Right (the final list).

You can also select single or multiple items in any List Box and drag them to others or to the trash can to remove from your context.

Localized filtering of result sets can also be done using the local filter settings. This does not remove the entire List Box content, but does prune your view of the content. Each List Box will show you the total number and filtered number of records you are locally filtering.

Message Body

The Message Body is where you select the type of message you want to send and the content of your Message.