The unconfirmed section of Messaging is focused on understanding problems that users may be having with registrations, demos and password changes/resets. Sometimes there are situations where a customer is not able to receive e-mails from the Nitro-LM servers (e.g. spam filters, junk mail settings, etc.). In these cases a customer is probably corresponding with you directly over e-mail or the phone to get the issue resolved. It is from this interface you can try to understand the problem and take action to correct/override it.

Below is a screen capture of what this screen looks like:


New Registrations not Confirmed

New Registrations that are not confirmed usually appear due to an improperly entered e-mail address by the End User - this is the most common reason. Other common reasons for names showing up in this list are usually network related between the Nitro-LM email servers and the client's inbox, such as the confirmation email being blocked by a spam filter.


One of the most common MISTAKES developers make is NOT FORCING End Users to DOUBLE-ENTER their e-mail address on their user registration screen. Nitro-LM only requires ONE e-mail address for the registration, so it is a good idea to have your user registration screen request the e-mail address TWICE, compare and confirm the validity of the two (2) e-mail addresses entered by the end-user, adn THEN submit a registration request to Nitro-LM. If you add this simple requirement to your own software, you will save yourself and your customers a lot of time.

This screen allows you as an administrator to force the confirmation into the Nitro-LM system. Users will get an error if they are trying to duplicate a registration, so you will need to force this manually into the system or delete the user and allow them to re-submit their account registration.

Demo Renewals not Approved or Denied

If you have setup Notifications to notify individuals in your company for Demo Renewal Events (this is typically a sales person), then Nitro-LM will automatically send our e-mails when these events occur to those individuals. The content of the e-mail will contain the prospective customer's information, the product they want to renew, the number of times it has been approved, and a set of hyperlinks to approve or deny the request. When an individual that receives one of these e-mails selects either the approve or deny, Nitro-LM will adjust the account parameters according to the decision (e.g. extend the demo or disable use of it completely), and also send an e-mail to the end user notifying them of the decision.

If NO Notifications are setup for these events, or if the email links have not been clicked by a recipient, these requests will show up in this Tab. When a customer calls to find out why they have not been approved for an extension, you as an administrator will have to come to this screen to manually Approve or Deny their request.


If you set up a Notification for this type of event you will minimize the number of times you will have to login to the Nitro-LM environment to Approve or Deny Demo Requests. It is recommended that you have more than one person in your company receive this notification so that customers are not dependent on one single user to respond to an e-mail or login for the Approval/Denial.

Password Changes not Completed

Password change requests are most often done through the Nitro-LM web site, but there are API calls in some of the interfaces for performing a password reset through the Nitro-LM Client.

User password resets REQUIRE a confirmation e-mail be sent to the registered End User's e-mail account. A hyperlink and or code will be sent to them that will be required to perform the password change in Nitro-LM.

For users that do not receive the e-mail (e.g. unable to deliver due to spam/junk mail filters, etc.) this Tab was established to present the total number of requests that have been made and when the request was made. From this interface you can either Delete the Request or force it to be Re-Sent to the End User's e-mail.