Server Variables are special values you set on companies and/or products that come down along with a license. They can be used to enable/disable a standard/pro version of your software, or even use list variables to control which modules or areas inside the application a company has access to.

User variables are not available through the admin tool, but can be set and retrieved through the Client API for storing user preferences and settings. If the user switches machines, their preferences can be setup to follow them.

Define Vars

The Define Vars menu option allows you to setup variables for use in Nitro-LM. Italic vars are special system variables and cannot be removed.

  • Read Only - variable can only be read through the client API. It cannot be set except through the Admin tool.  Variables which are not read-only are considered "user" variables and can be set through the client API; they could be used as temporary variables or to report on user activity.  Values set on non-read-only variables are treated as defaul values if the client has not set a value for that user.
  • Log Only - variable can only be written to through the API, it cannot be read and is not sent down with the license. Useful for logged variables and counters.  A variable cannot be both read-only and log-only, because it would be neither settable nor readable on the client.
  • External Use - advanced feature - If set and you get a license, any values of this variable that are set at your child customer level will be sent along with your license in a special external-variable section. (rarely used)
  • List - variable is a list of string values instead of a single value. If inheritable, list values accumulate additional values instead of overriding parent values.
  • No Inherit - by default, a variable value set at a parent company level is inherited down to the child customer level without needing to be explicitly set on the child customer. If you set a variable as No Inherit, this variable will not be passed down the customer hierarchy.

Manage Vars

The Manage Vars menu option allows you to modify variable values and see what variable values are at any point in the customer hierarchy. Drag/Drop items onto the canvas, and double-click variable values to edit them. This graph also gives a good visual representation for how the variable inheritance is currently setup and working.