Nitro-LM Licensing Principles



Welcome to Securing Flex Applications with Nitro-LM. This guidebook is designed to help you understand the business goals as well as the technical implementation details of securing your Adobe® Flex® or AIR™ application using Nitro-LM.

Licensing refers to the system by which software is authorized to run on a customer's computer system. Licensing is important not only for securing business revenue, but also to guide the user experience of using your software. Oftentimes, the software licensing experience will be the first thing your customer sees, so it is not only important that it secure your software, but also generate a positive user experience.

Nitro-LM is an Internet-based solution for licensing and securing applications. It allows businesses who develop software to maintain control of their software after the sale.


Nitro-LM was initially developed by Simplified Logic, Inc. as an internal tool for controlling the use of their mechanical engineering software offerings. Mechanical Engineering and CAD software has some of the largest piracy rates in the industry. Simplified Logic developed Nitro-LM after surveying the limited features and high initial cost of licensing using other commercial products.

Since that time, Nitro-LM grew to become its own separate commercial offering due to interest from many of Simplified Logic's partners for use in their own software.