Language Specific Instruction


Nitro-LM supports many different language options natively (e.g. C++, C#, Java and Flex), and can be combined with other languages and scripting environments (e.g. Tcl, php, python, etc).

The core Nitro-LM principles apply regardless of your language of choice. However, Nitro-LM provides unique language specific capabilities which you may find beneficial. Below is a matrix of some of the unique things offered.

Language Nitro-LM Support Encryption Options
C++ FULL None
C# FULL None
  • Application
  • Individual Jars
  • Application
  • Module
  • General Asset (code, image, small video, etc.)

Also, in Java, it is also possible to encrypt .exe files for distribution. While it is not recommended due to some security limitations (the application must be decrypted to the hard drive to run, and is usually deleted right afterwords) it does work when no other options exist.