getLicense function

The getLicense function will connect to the server and try to obtain a license for the specified company and product, then save it to the local machine.


 Usage: getLicense -e email -w password -p product-code -t license-type [-c company-code] [-v version] [-d number-of-days] [-q]

-e email            user's email address
-w password         user's password
-p product-code     code for the license required
-t license-type     type of license to get
                    Valid license-types are demo, checkout, floating
-c company-code     code for the company that owns the license
                    Required if the type is checkout or floating
-v version          software version for validation
-d number-of-days   number of days for the license
                    Required for checkout, optional for demo, ignored for floating
-q                  automatically use license queue if available.

(Note that the above command line is a set of arguments that must be passed to the LicenseCommand class as explained in the parent document.)


This will display a single line on the command line showing the response from the server.  If the license was acquired successfully then it will display


If some error occurred then it will display that -- for example:

Response:No free licenses available

If your machine uses a Proxy server to get out to the internet, you will need to call the setProxy function first to set the proxy information.