Nitro-LM - Guarding the Front Door


This chapter discusses the options for integrating Nitro-LM into a Flex or AIR application. After reading this Chapter, you should have a good idea of what your end-user licensing process will look like as well as know how to protect your application's "front door".

The User Experience

Licensing may very well be the first experience a customer or potential customer has with your company. It is very important that two things happen during your licensing process. Valid paying customers and demo users need to have a very pleasant and painless experience with licensing, and unauthorized users should become quickly frustrated with the system. Before you start designing your licensing system, you need to ask yourself the right user-experience questions.

  • Will my application allow for users to demo my application?
  • How many days should the demo period last?
  • Will the user need to use the application offline? Should it use floating, checked out licenses, or both?
  • Will the application need to handle user registrations?
  • How will forgotten password resets happen?
  • Will the user need to release the license when the application closes?

Nitro-LM doesn't impose any one user experience on the end user. It is up to the developer to design the GUI and process that will result in the best user experience for their particular application. Nitro-LM does provide the necessary communication APIs for registering a new user in the system, handling password resets, and retrieving a demo, floating, or checked out license.