Understanding User and Customer Accounts

Since Nitro-LM is a hosted service, the relationship between you (the Licensee) and your Customers, and your Customers and their End Users, is very simple and straight forward. Below is a diagram about how these relationships work.


  • Customer Accounts (CORP_ID)
    - are the mechanism for controlling access to your software by your Customers and their End Users. Customer Accounts are used to associate/permit your Products to be used by a Customer, and in the quantities and terms you want them to use it.
  • End Users are autonomous from your Customers - End Users only need to register with Nitro-LM once, after they have successfully registered and confirmed their registration with Nitro-LM, End Users may reuse their account to work with other customers in Nitro-LM.
    Require End-Users to Individually Register

    If your Customer's End Users do not individually register, and share a single e-mail/password End User account, it will be very hard to help a customer understand licensing problems when they run out and request support. To prevent this problem, it is STRONGLY ADVISED to inform Customers that EACH End User should register within the software separately and not share accounts.