Software as a Service (SaaS)

Consider the Next Generation Business Models

The standard model of licensing software usually involves a high initial purchase price and a yearly maintenance fee afterward. In a SaaS model, your initial purchase price can be lower because you'll get the same amount next year from subscription renewals. A lower entry price can have an effect on reducing piracy attempts. Another main advantage of a SaaS model for software is a more predictable revenue stream. With conventional licensing and maintenance, you continually 'hope' that customers will pay their maintenance. They are usually able to still use your software even if they pay late, or not at all. Implementing SaaS is not a requirement for using Nitro-LM, but is an approach recommended by Simplified Logic when performing security consulting for software companies.

The price structure for Nitro-LM is a SaaS model. It has a low cost of entry, and you pay for the number of licenses you need as a yearly service fee. Need fewer licenses the next year? Just renew for fewer licenses. Need more? Just renew for more.