Minimum Requirements (SOAP)


The WSDL for the SOAP service is

You will also need the following XSD files:

SOAP Version

This service is compliant with SOAP v1.1.

Session ID

All SOAP calls (except loginLMLicensee) require a Session ID parameter.  This ID is returned by a successfull login call, and identifies the user's session.  if you get a FaultData response on a call, and that FaultData has invalidSession=true, then your Session ID has expired and you will need to call loginLMLicensee() again.

Return Handling

All SOAP API calls return a structure which may or may not contain a "fault" element (see SOAP Common Data Structures).  Any code handling a return should first check see if the "fault" element is non-null; if it is, then an error has occurred and should be handled.

Access Levels

To access any of these API calls, you must have an ID that has already been set up in NitroAdmin with Licensee-level access or better. If you are using this system from an automated payment system such as an online store application, it is recommended that you create a special user account for using this SOAP API and give it licensee level access through the NitroAdmin GUI tool.