Register a new LM user. This will behave like existing LM registration screens, in that it will generate email to the user asking them to confirm their registration.


Required Description
sessionid String yes The current sessionid which would have been returned by a call to loginLMLicensee().
licensee String yes The company code (not the company name) of the licensee.
email String yes The user's email address.
pwd String yes The user's password.
firstName String yes The user's first name.
lastName String yes The user's last name.
address1 String yes The user's street address (line 1).
address2 String no The user's street address (line 2).
city String yes The user's city.
state String yes The user's state.
zip String yes The user's postal code.
phone String yes The user's phone number.
country String yes The user's country.
userCompany String yes The company the user works for. This is not the same as a company code; it can be whatever the user wants to put in.
registrationSource String no The user's registration source. If not specified, it will be set to "SOAP ACCESS REGISTRATION"
corpId String no The company code (not the company name) of the customer from which the user will be getting licenses.
mailType MailTypeType no The type of email to send for registration confirmation.  Defaults to MailTypeType.BOTH.

Return values: A StatusData structure:

fault FaultData If an error has occurred on the server, this will contain information about the error. This field will be null if no error occurred.
status Integer An error code which matches the fault string if an error occurred, or 0 if the registration succeeded.


NitroAdminAccessServiceLocator service = new NitroAdminAccessServiceLocator();
NitroAdminAccess server = service.getNitroAdminAccess();
StatusData ret = server.createLMUser(
        "123 Away Way",
        "Apt 3",
        "Jones Co.",
if (ret.getFault()!=null) {
	System.err.println("Error: " + ret.getFault().getFaultString());