User Registration and Licensing Management

User Registration

The Nitro-LM Client can process user registrations for you company. This process requires the Nitro-LM Client Web Service to be running and connection to the Internet verified. After these have been satisfied, you may call the nitroHandler.new_user command to send a request to create a new user on the Nitro-LM Hosted Service.

Upon successful submission of a new user's registration, the Nitro-LM Hosted Service will automatically send the user a confirmation code for them to authenticate their registration with the Nitro-LM Hosted Service. After they confirm their registration, they will be able to request a license for your product and start to use it.

User Registration is REQUIRED

Only clients that are authenticated with the Nitro-LM Hosted Service are allowed to request and consume licenses for your product(s). It is possible to use a shared account for this (e.g. google, hotmail or yahoo mail account) but you will lose all of the metrics that would normally be available to you via the Nitro-LM Hosted Service's Reporting, Tracking and Control Capabilities.

Licenses you can access using the Nitro-LM Client

  • Demo Licenses - are the default request (limited to 5 days).
  • Floating Licenses - are available by default when you purchase software from our company. Floating licenses only work when you are connected to the network, and are dedicated to your machine until you release the license back to the license pool - this way you always have priority over the use of the license.
  • Checkout Licenses - are Floating Licenses that are temporarily locked to a machine, and you can use the software when not connected to the network. You can select for how long you want to keep the license for, and the license is dedicated to that machine for the duration of your requested timeframe. You can extend this checkout period at any time, so long as it does not extend past the maintenance date of your application.