XMLRPC Application Interface


The following documents outline the Application Programming Interface (API) Calls and Error Codes for the XMLRPC interface of the Nitro-LM Client.

The following documented XMLRPC Methods are the main functions you use to send/receive information from the NitroMation Web Service.

Default Web Service Addresses

Any calls to the web service methods will be against port 9050 on the machine where the Web Service is running (unless a different port was specified when the service was started). If the service is on the local machine, then it can be called using the URL "http://localhost:9050/svr"

Response Structures

In the following sections, two types of XMLRPC structures will be mentioned. One is an <array> object (for example, a Tcl array or a Java Vector) which contains an ordered list of items. The other is a <struct> object containing name-value pairs (for example, a Tcl list or a Java Hashtable).

Product IDs

Most of the commands used for license management require a Product ID. Your organization must be licensed to use those products.

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