nitroHandler.check_user (verify user account is created)

Parameters: Up to three values, which must be specified in the following order:

email – (<string>) the email address to check
getvals – (<integer>) whether to return the user's variable values with the call – 1|0 (default 0)
checkconfirm – (<integer>) check whether the user has confirmed their registration – 1|0 (default 0)

Only the email address is required.

Return values: A <struct> of name-value pairs, containing the following values:

value type description
error <int> An error code. See below for a list of error codes.
message <string> A text description of the error code.
(other values)   If the getvals parameter is 1, then the user's variable values will be added as additional name-value pairs to the struct.

For example, using a Tcl client you could enter

nitroHandler.check_user 0 1

And you might get back

{error 0 message Ok}