Parameters: A <struct> of name-value pairs, containing the following <string> values:

parameter required max length description
email yes 100 Your email address; this will function as your user ID.
password yes 50 The password to use for the License Server (does not have to match any current password)
firstname yes 200  
lastname yes 200  
phone yes 25  
address1 yes 200 First line of street address
address2 no 200 Second line of street address
city yes 200  
state yes 200  
zip yes 200  
country yes 200  
company yes 200 The company you work for
market_source no 100 Where you heard about the product

Return values: A <struct> of name-value pairs, containing the following values:

value type description
error <int> An error code. See below for a list of error codes.
message <string> A text description of the error code.

For example, using a Tcl client you could enter:

nitroHandler.new_user [list email password mypwd firstname Fred lastname Murphy phone "216-555-1234" address1 "123 Vine St." city Cleveland state OH zip "44023" country USA company "Coulter Enterprises"]

And you might get back:

{error 3 message {User confirmation is required - Check your e-mail}}