nitroHandler.renew_license (demo license)

Parameters: A list of name-value pairs, containing the following values:

parameter required description
product yes The Product ID code for the product you are trying to run.
days yes 0 (demo licenses are always renewed for the same number of days)

Return values: Aof name-value pairs, containing the following values:

value type description
error <int> An error code. See below for a list of error codes.
message <string> A text description of the error code.

For example, using a Tcl client you could enter

nitroHandler.renew_license [list product loc_devel days 0]

When you try to renew a demo license, the license is not renewed immediately. Instead, an email is sent to the product's salesman and he must approve or disapprove the renewal. Once he has approved the renewal, then you must try to renew the license again.

If no errors occurred, then there are four basic return values you may get back:

return notes
{error 23 message {Sales confirmation is required}} User must wait for salesman to approve the renewal, then try renewing again
{error 20 message {License cannot be renewed}} The demo cannot be renewed because the salesman has denied it.
{error 0 message Ok} Demo renewed successfully.